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Even before completing his education at the Music Academy of Zagreb he performed at numerous events and concerts all over homeland (mostly for a former Musical Youth) and abroad (Italy, Belgium, Austria)

After graduating his career took two directions: singing and conducting, and later also in a third, the pedagogical. As a singer he continued with occasional concert performing and in several performances at the "Komedija" Theater, while as a conductor some of the first big success were as a musical director of the National Folk Dance and Song Ensemble of Croatia LADO (1988-1998). The beginnings of Lado's independent vocal-instrumental activities are associated with this period so beside several CDs he realized or started there are numerous Christmas and Lent concerts and work on renewal of, mostly, popular sacred music heritage.

Since 1988 he has been a director of Mixed Choir "INA" one of the most acknowledged propagators of amateur choral activities, often in collaboration with professional ensembles (String orchestra of Czech Krumlov, Croatian Baroque Orchestra, Paco Peña Flamenco Dance Company, Croatian Chamber Orchestra, Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra). The Choir performed all over Croatia, specially to bigger centers from Čakovec and Varaždin, through Osijek and Vinkovci way to Pula, Rijeka, Split and Dubrovnik. It also toured abroad (Austria, France, Italy, Hungary, Czech, Poland, Canada) and only in Italy performed over 40 concerts. The Choir recorded six times (one compact cassette and five CDs: „Voda zvira", „Folklore in choral music", „Joy To The World", „Requiem-Gloria", „Križni put"). The fourth CD was recorded in collaboration with the Croatian Chamber Orchestra (John Rutter: Requiem /Gloria), directed by Pogrmilović himself, and the Choir appeared as a guest of the Orchestra on Frano Parać: Gloria, directed by Pavle Dešpalj, both in concert and CD recording. Since his arrival at the Choir, Pogrmilović carried out 190 musical works, over 40 of them major works.

The Choir participate on all choral festivals and competitions in the City of Zagreb winning the first prize twice as well as special prize for the best performance of proposed composition by Emil Cossetto. In 2004 it won a silver medal on Prague Advent and Christmas Song Competition in the Grand Choir category. The "Voda zvira" CD was nominated for a Croatian Discography Award "Porin" in the classical music category.

From 1994 to 2004 he directed the Klapa "Cesarice" the only klapa that was three times in a row an absolute winner (both jury and audience) of Klapa Festival of Omiš. Along numerous tours in homeland and abroad (just highlithing the performance at EXPO 1998 in Portugal) he produced two CDs with the Klapa, both of them winning the "Porin".

From October 2003 he directs the Vocal Ensemble "Samoborke" at the Tamburitza Society "Ferdo Livadić"

In October 2004 he realized with them the first standalone concert, tours in Italy and Austria as well as several concerts in Croatia. They recorded their first CD "Afrička misa-folklor svijeta" with another one on Croatian folklore, in preparation.

With the A.G.C. Città di Verona Choir (the choir consists of 80 singers from fifteen different choirs of Verona and joins specially for some significant projects) he accomplished 15 concerts and two recordings. Performances at the opening ceremony of International Choral Competition of Verona in 2003 and 2004 should be emphasized.

At the 150 anniversary of the First Croatian Singing Society "Zora" he was proclaimed their Artistic director.

Since 1998 he's working as solo-singing coach at the School of Music "Vatroslav Lisinski", Zagreb. He also led their Choir from 1998 to 2002 and realized several prominent concerts, two performances at Verona and the first Choir's CD. His work at the department of solo-singing on the very first year brought two prizes at regional competition and at the following ones regularly two of his students qualify for a National level (up to date 23 prizes on regional and 6 on national competitions). Six of his students entered the Musical Academy in Zagreb. It is worth pointing out a success of his student Luciano Batinić who during his education at the School of Music won the second prize at the "Ondina Otta" International Competition for Young Singers. Luciano Batinić is now a soloist of the Croatian National Theater Opera and an eminent international artist. Pogrmilović was also the head of Department for solo-singing and during that period he started significant activity of the Department specially in the field of continuous education of professors and students (master classes at the School led by eminent pedagogues, collaborations with othes schools and presentation of the Department on concerts outside regular school activities all over Croatia). The collaboration with the Department of singing at the Secondary Music and Ballet School, Ljubljana should be underlined.

Pogrmilović is a member of several expert committee for folklore and choral activities. He was a member of numerous juries in Croatia and abroad (Klapa festival at Omiš, International Choral Competition at Verona) as well as a selector of the Klapa Festival at Omiš and Croatian Cultural Assembly. He is a standing member of the Jury and the International Choral Competition at Azzano Decimo, Italy. He held seminars for soloists, folklore and choral singing in Croatia and abroad (Italy, Austria). He held significant masterclasses at Verona, Bologna and Kötschach-Mauthen.

He is a founder and artistic director of the Klapa Festival "Školjka" at Pakoštane.

He is a member of Croatian Musical Artists Association (HGDU), one of the founders and a vice-president of the Croatian Choral Directors Association (HUZ) and one of the founders and a president of the Croatian Association of Vocal Teachers (HUVOP), a member of of the European (EVTA) and the International organization (ICTV).

Up to date he realized, both as a soloist or with ensembles, 7 LPs, 5 Compact cassettes and 20 Compact Discs, with two being prepared.

He is one of the seven Croats having an entry in "Who is Who in Choral Music" edition.


Personal web page: www.pogrmilovic.com


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